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The LITTLE SQUIRT is a lightweight, fully portable, hand pressurised boot washer completely independent of any power source or water supply, that can be taken with you and used anywhere.

Boots – certainly leather boots – should be washed clean as soon as possible after use, wherever you are. Apart from corrosive chemicals that might ruin the leather, some soils can be toxic and cause damage. But how can you have equipment with you to do this?

Our product takes up no more space in your vehicle than a large Thermos flask, can be picked up with one hand, and delivers a spray of clean water through a brush. Job done!

Even the dirtiest boots can be cleaned on the spot in just a few minutes and cleaned well enough to be kept on without mucking up the car or carrying mud indoors. Far better than changing them and chucking them into a boot bag where they can moulder. And you not only have to clean the boots eventually, but the the boot bag as well!

The Little Squirt
Manequin Pis
With BIG potential

The LITTLE SQUIRT is handy for many other washing jobs before heading for home. Number plates and lights of vehicles that have been off road can be made road legal in seconds. Even the dog can be given a quick wash and brush up.

Shooters, caravaners, hikers, off road bikers – all can find a use for our portable boot washer and the cost is low enough for anyone to afford.

Just £29.99* plus postage. Please go to BUY NOW (below) to purchase through our fully secure payment system.Your account details are NOT disclosed to us. Delivery, by Royal Mail, is generally within 48 hours.

If you have any enquiries or wish to order by phone OR YOU WISH TO EXCHANGE A £10 VOUCHER FROM HORSETRADING.CO.UK please contact us

*This price includes a FREE shoulder carrying strap and a FREE adjustable jet attachment, to use in place of the brush. IF YOU CAN FIND AN IDENTICAL PRODUCT FOR LESS we will match the price.

Capacity - 5 litres
Pressure - 58 psi
Empty weight - 1.592 Kg
Height - 46 cm

Trade enquiries welcome.

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